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Behind the Iron Curtain

Iron Maiden

Release date:
October 23rd, 1984
Catalog ID:
EMI Records
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1. Aces High 04:29   Show lyrics
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2. Hallowed Be Thy Name 07:15   Show lyrics
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3. 2 Minutes to Midnight 06:04   Show lyrics
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4. Run to the Hills 03:54   Show lyrics
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Band members
Bruce Dickinson Vocals
Dave Murray Guitars
Adrian Smith Guitars
Steve Harris Bass
Nicko McBrain Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Kenny Feuerman Director
Martin Birch Producer
Kenny Feuerman Director
Martin Birch Producer
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This video was filmed during the Polish section of the tour (next performance "behind the curtain" was held in Budapest).

This video is now out of print.

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