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World Extermination

Insect Warfare

Release date:
October 2007
Catalog ID:
Six Two Five Thrashcore
9 reviews (avg. 91%)
1. Oxygen Corrosion 00:53   Show lyrics
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2. Self Termination 01:25   Show lyrics
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3. Enslaved by Machinery 01:08   Show lyrics
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4. Manipulator 01:49   Show lyrics
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5. Zone Killer 00:21   Show lyrics
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6. Decontamination 01:09   Show lyrics
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7. Street Sweeper 00:13   Show lyrics
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8. Dead Inside 01:01   Show lyrics
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9. Human Trafficking 01:19   Show lyrics
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10. Hydraphobia 01:36  
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11. Mind Ripper 01:21   Show lyrics
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12. Armored Virus 01:20   Show lyrics
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13. Mass Communication Mindfuck 01:19   Show lyrics
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14. Nuclear Deterrence 01:20   Show lyrics
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15. Paranoia 01:18   Show lyrics
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16. Necessary Death 00:51   Show lyrics
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17. Protection Maze 00:54   Show lyrics
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18. Lobotomized 01:18   Show lyrics
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19. Internet Era Alienation 00:42   Show lyrics
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20. Evolved into Obliteration 01:12   Show lyrics
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Band members
Dobber Beverly Drums
Beau Guitars, Bass
Rahi Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Daniel Shaw Artwork
Dobber Beverly Drums
Beau Guitars, Bass
Rahi Vocals
Daniel Shaw Artwork
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Released on CD and vinyl. Co-released with Regurgitated Semen Records.

First vinyl pressing, includes an insert and a 16x24 poster:
- 1000 copies on black vinyl
- 100 copies on clear vinyl

Second vinyl pressing, includes an insert and a 16x24 poster:
- 500 copies on black/white splatter vinyl

Third vinyl pressing, includes an insert and a 16x24 poster:
- 500 copies on purple vinyl

Re-released on CD and vinyl on March 2nd, 2009 by Earache Records.

Fourth vinyl pressing:
- 500 copies on black vinyl
- 300 copies on white vinyl
- 200 copies on green vinyl

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