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Way for Freedom


Release date:
Mega Therion
None yet
1. Way for Freedom (Intro) 01:45  
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2. Innerforce 07:40  
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3. Waiting for the Light 06:51  
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4. Wish to Win the Hate 06:25  
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5. Where You Won't be a Legend 04:57  
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6. Last Words 05:40  
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7. Never Die (Yngwie Malmsteen cover) 03:33  
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Forever and ever my spirit will soar
Journey without end
You mortal fools keep fighting your wars
But you cannot win.

Like the sky,
I'm perpetual, I'll never die.

Don't come and tell me your life is so rough
Nothing for nothing
No walls in this world will heed you enough
I'll get what I want.

Like the sky,
I'm perpetual, I'll never die.

Your gods may come and go, eons may pass
But in the end I know I shall forever last.

Never die. Die, die, die.
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