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Duch slovanské síly


Release date:
May 15th, 2001
Catalog ID:
Eclipse Productions
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1. Příchod slovanského ohně 03:56  
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2. Pohanské meče 04:17   Show lyrics
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3. Hrdost, válka, nenávist 04:02  
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4. Ve stínech vlků 04:08  
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5. Za krev za kraj 06:14  
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6. Do srdce temnoty 03:21  
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7. Pro syny této země 04:50  
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8. Duch slovanské síly 04:00  
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9. Krev a síla našich předků 04:41  
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Adramelech Vocals
Azazel Guitars
Svarog Drums
Elrabor Bass
Read Yep, This Is Crap 15% waiguoren May 23rd, 2010

Re-released in 2001 on tape by Old Legend Productions.

Re-released in 2001 by Sombre Records on LP limited to 350 copies with bonus track:
10. Píseň černých van (Maniac Butcher cover)

Re-released in 2007 on CD by Long Ago Records.

Recording information:

The title means "Spirit of Slavic Forces"

Title tracks in English:
1. The Arrival of Slavic Fire
2. Pagan Swords
3. Pride, War, Hatred
4. In the Shadows of Wolves
5. For Blood for Land
6. Into the Heart of Darkness
7. For the Sons of this Land
8. Spirit of Slavic Forces
9. Blood and Strength of our Ancestors

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