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Impending Doom > Signum of Hate
Impending Doom - Signum of Hate
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Signum of Hate

Impending Doom

Release date:
Catalog ID:
PT 023
Perverted Taste
None yet
1. The Age of Antichrist 05:13   Show lyrics
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2. Armageddon Tales 04:31   Show lyrics
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3. Demon-(Mon)archy 04:12   Show lyrics
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4. Land of Burning Coffins 03:20   Show lyrics
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5. Hellhammer 04:14   Show lyrics
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6. Sumerian Awakening 04:03   Show lyrics
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7. The Rebirth 02:20   instrumental
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8. Domination of Suffering Souls 02:59   Show lyrics
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9. Forward to Golgotha 04:15   Show lyrics
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10. Stigma (Signum of Hate) 03:39   Show lyrics
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11. Metal to the Metals 03:15   Show lyrics
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Distribution: SPV GmbH

Recording information:

Recorded and mixed at Rape of Harmonies, Triptis, GER within 5 days during Winter 1997/1998.


Distribution ID: SPV 084-27092

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