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Impaled Nazarene > Satanic Masowhore
Impaled Nazarene - Satanic Masowhore
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Satanic Masowhore

Impaled Nazarene

Release date:
December 1993
Catalog ID:
OPEP 003
Osmose Productions
7" vinyl (45 RPM)
1 review (avg. 80%)
Side A
1. Satanic Masowhore 02:09   Show lyrics
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Side B
2. Conned Thru Life (Extreme Noise Terror cover) (Diabolic Penis mix) 01:14   Show lyrics
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Read My favorite kind of masowhore 80% goredisorder February 27th, 2010

The first batch had a misprint on the label, which had 'Profanatica' on both sides of the vinyl instead of Impaled Nazarene.

Bootleg release by Black Hearts Records on 7" red vinyl limited to 200 copies.

Re-released in 2012 by Osmose in black, white, clear or silver 7'' vinyl with sticker.

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