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Illnath > Three Nights in the Sewers of Sodom
Illnath - Three Nights in the Sewers of Sodom
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Three Nights in the Sewers of Sodom


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1. Nocternity 05:37  
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2. Hellish Butterfly 05:54  
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3. Perfect Equilibrium 05:23  
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4. Burn to Stone 04:55  
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5. Exquisite Dancers 04:23  
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6. Heritage 06:15  
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7. Ravenous Crows 03:29   Show lyrics
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8. I Wonder 06:33  
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9. Instrumental 02:18   instrumental
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10. 1000 with His Left Black Hand 05:34  
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11. Done with Constant Flight 04:29  
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12. Childless Children's Feet 05:39  
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13. Damnation's Dawn 03:22  
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"Three Nights in the Sewers of Sodom" is the unreleased third album of Illnath. It was supposed to be released in 2009, but Narrenschiff, the lead singer, left the band. Later, much of the material was re-recorded with vocalist Mona Beck with new song titles and lyrics, and formed the basis of the album "Third Act in the Theatre of Madness."

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