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Ildjarn - Son of the Northstar
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Son of the Northstar


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Full Moon Productions
1 review (avg. 79%)
1. Kronet 03:52  
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2. Fjerde dag 05:16  
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3. Minnesjord 00:54  
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4. Mot kveld 02:37  
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5. Hafsval 01:54  
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Band members
Ildjarn All instruments
Ihsahn Vocals
Ildjarn All instruments
Ihsahn Vocals
Read Assorted oddities in a... 79% Lord_Jotun February 29th, 2004

Material recorded a few years back (this should have been a '95 release). Ihsahn is on vocals.
This recording was supposed to be released sometime during the year of 1995 as a 7" vinyl record via Freezing records. In 2002, Full Moon Productions released the recording without Ildjarn's knowledge in a Mini-CD format limited to 1000 copies.

The "Minnesjord" track is actually the song "Minnesjord 2" from the demo of the same name.
"Mot Kveld" is, according to Ildarn's statement included with the "Ildjarn Is Dead" package, one of the only four songs he recorded by himself with a drum machine, and the only one publicly released (though track 26 of the second cd of "Ildjarn Is Dead" apparently features a drum machine, its source remains unknown).

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