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Release date:
June 15th, 2007
Catalog ID:
Grievantee Productions
3 reviews (avg. 85%)
1. Lähtölaukaus 05:02   Show lyrics
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2. Vapise, Vapahtaja 04:23   Show lyrics
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3. Verimalja 04:20   Show lyrics
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4. Tuhontuoja 04:57   Show lyrics
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5. Sodanjano 04:54   Show lyrics
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6. Ukkosmarssi 03:02   Show lyrics
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7. Sotahuuto 03:19   Show lyrics
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8. Vihanlietsoja 03:49   Show lyrics
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9. Tulikäsky 02:42   Show lyrics
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Band members
Shatraug Guitars, Bass
Corvus Vocals
Lord Sargofagian Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Christophe Szpajdel Logo
Shatraug Guitars, Bass
Corvus Vocals
Lord Sargofagian Drums
Read Sotahuuto 75% Noctir October 18th, 2011
Read Warfare by heavy metal 85% Napero November 9th, 2010
Read Sotahuuto 95% Eternal_Winter_ December 5th, 2008

Vinyl version released by Deviant Records and limited to 500 copies on black vinyl.

Recording information:

Recorded in January 2005 and October 2006 at the Boneyard.
A tribute to Bathory. Written during spring 2004 before the Master's journey from there to eternity.

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