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Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne


Release date:
February 23rd, 2005
Woodcut Records
4 reviews (avg. 80%)
1. Vihan Tie 07:26   Show lyrics
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2. Musta Temppeli 08:09   Show lyrics
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3. Vala Pedolle 08:28   Show lyrics
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4. Kirous Ja Malja 04:23   Show lyrics
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5. Saastainen Kaste 04:28   Show lyrics
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6. Kuoleva Lupaus 07:34   Show lyrics
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7. Zythifer 03:36   instrumental
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8. Kuilunhenki 04:49   Show lyrics
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Band members
Shatraug Guitars, Bass
Corvus Vocals
Lord Sargofagian Drums
Ravenum Drums
Black Longinus Vocals (backing) (on track 6)
Miscellaneous staff
Christophe Szpajdel Logo
Shatraug Guitars, Bass
Corvus Vocals
Lord Sargofagian Drums
Ravenum Drums
Black Longinus Vocals (backing) (on track 6)
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2xLP version (limited to 500 copies) released by Blut & Eisen Productions in March 2005 with a different tracklist (English translation in parenthesis):

Vihan Tie (Path of Hatred) (7:05)
Musta Temppeli (Black Temple) (7:48)
Piina (Misery) (5:09)
Vala Pedolle (Oath to the Beast) (8:04)
Kirous ja Malja (The Curse and the Chalice) (4:03)
Pohjanportti (Northgate) (4:13)
Zythifer (3:22)

Haudanvarjo (Graveshadow) (8:03)
Saastainen Kaste (Filthy Baptism) (4:13)
Kuoleva Lupaus (A Dying Promise) (7:13)
Sieluhaaska (Soulcarcass) (3:47)
Marraskuussa (In November) (8:43)
Menneiden Kaiku (Echo of the Past) (5:08)

Tape edition released by Tanhu Records in 2009 with bonus track "Yön Siivin."

All the songs on the LP #2 of the Blut & Eisen Productions editions do not apear on the CD, they were vinyl exclusive tracks until the compilation Musta Kaipuu got released.

The song "Kuilunhenki" is exclusive to the CD version.
Read every second letter of the title and it reads as "Evangels of Satan."
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