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Horde of Worms > The Uncreation
Horde of Worms - The Uncreation
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Unearthly Desolation

The Uncreation

Horde of Worms

Release date:
December 20th, 2003
Catalog ID:
Bloodbucket Productions
1 review (avg. 89%)
1. Burning Horizon 05:08   Show lyrics
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2. Diabolical 03:11   Show lyrics
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3. Rides the Conqueror 02:24   Show lyrics
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4. Throne of Blood 02:02   Show lyrics
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5. Serpents Rise 02:04   Show lyrics
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6. Mirror of Pain 02:40   Show lyrics
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7. Suffering and Agony 02:46  
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8. Interlude 01:49  
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9. Crystallized in Sanity 03:05   Show lyrics
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10. Solar Execration 02:29   Show lyrics
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11. Disembodied Brutality 02:31   Show lyrics
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12. Galactic Hammer 02:32   Show lyrics
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13. The Uncreation 03:12   Show lyrics
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Brent Assoun Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals
Alexander "Worm" Erhardt Guitars, Vocals,, Drum programming, Effects
Read Canadian Blast Metal 89% BassLord November 24th, 2005

The introduction to "Burning Horizon" and the track "Interlude" are pieces originally by Francisco Tárrega and Matteo Carcassi, respectively.

A music video was made for the song "Throne Of Blood".

Recording information:

Engineer by Terry Sawchuck
Mastered By Andy Khrem
Producer By Horde Of Worms

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