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Warning Games


Release date:
Catalog ID:
DM 003
Discotto Metal
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
2 reviews (avg. 89%)
Side A
1. We'll Play Again 04:20  
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2. Owner of Earth 03:24  
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3. Total Confusion 04:30  
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4. Dream of Death 05:25  
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Side B
5. Warning Games 04:08  
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6. Entity 03:56  
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7. We Give the Power 05:56  
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8. Witches' Chant 05:05  
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Band members
Massimo Lodini Vocals
Tony Chiarito Bass
Floriano Buratti Drums
Marco Bona Guitars
Luca Trabanelli Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Stefano Montano Cover art
Stefano Montano Cover art
Read Warning games, criminally... 88% LordianSteel September 10th, 2012
Read A Step Further in Nostalgia... 90% CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8 November 28th, 2008

All tracks by Hocculta.
Recorded and mixed at Bips Studios, Milan.

Remastered and released on CD in 2005 by A&R Productions.

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