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Heralding the New Song of Ruin

Hills of Sefiroth / Sapthuran

Release date:
March 28th, 2006
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Jewelcase CD
Perish in Light
None yet
1. Hills of Sefiroth - Unto Funereal Reign Part II - The Purge and the Cleansing 02:36   instrumental
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2. Hills of Sefiroth - Songs Ardent Among Fields of Might 09:08  
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3. Hills of Sefiroth - A Portrait of Ash Painted Across the Heavens 16:23  
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4. Hills of Sefiroth - Tirgoviste 02:27   instrumental
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5. Hills of Sefiroth - With Tongues Afire and Glorious Eyes 06:53  
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6. Sapthuran - Moonsong 01:06   instrumental
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7. Sapthuran - A Song of Night Triumphant 04:54  
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8. Sapthuran - Nightfall Across the Black Moors 04:30  
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9. Sapthuran - Blood Stains the Frozen Ground 04:04  
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10. Sapthuran - The Wolf, the Raven and the Sword 06:59  
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11. Sapthuran - Forgefire 02:00   instrumental
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Hills of Sefiroth
Justin Stubbs All instruments, Vocals
Patrick T. Hall All instruments, Vocals
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Recording information:

The songs by Hills of Sefiroth were recorded in Winter 2005.

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