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Fly High the Hated Black Flag

Hills of Sefiroth

Release date:
August 31st, 2005
Catalog ID:
Wraith Productions
None yet
1. Their Tools Are Laid to Rest 09:38   Show lyrics
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2. Torment Under Rust and Ruin 07:12   Show lyrics
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3. Leave Them to Their Graves to Lie 04:23   Show lyrics
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4. By the Light of Torches Past 05:50   Show lyrics
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5. Millenial Reign (Integrity cover) 05:24  
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6. The Earth Swallows the Dead 08:46  
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7. Pestilence Raged Most Furiously Abroad 04:25  
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8. Rotting of Curses and Fever 06:34  
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9. Sixty Lashes of Fire 06:43  
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10. For Even the Sea Shall Tremble 02:17  
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Justin Stubbs All instruments, Vocals
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Tracks 1-4 are new, Track 5 is a cover of the seminal metallic hardcore band, Integrity, and tracks 6-10 are the "As If to Be Widows We Weep..." demo.

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