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A Draught of the Seas of Iniquity

Hills of Sefiroth

Release date:
February 16th, 2007
Catalog ID:
Perish in Light
None yet
1. Blood in the Wind 01:52  
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2. And Dusk Brings the Graves 06:13  
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3. Their Valleys Thick with Death 05:27  
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4. Of Stone and Moon 04:13  
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5. Aeternal Reich of Breath 04:42  
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6. Ash unto the Soil 05:03  
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7. A Draught of the Seas of Iniquity 06:00  
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8. Mourning the Fires at Sea 09:53  
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Justin Stubbs All instruments, Vocals
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Recording information:

Recorded between Summer 2005 and Winter 2006.

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