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Hellvetic Frost > Misanthropic Devotion
Hellvetic Frost - Misanthropic Devotion
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Towards A Distant World
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Towards A Distant World

Misanthropic Devotion

Hellvetic Frost

Release date:
Art of Propaganda
None yet
1. Drowned by the Floods of Blood 07:03  
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2. Zorn Der Seel' 03:54  
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3. Ravaged Through Sorrow 05:41  
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4. Remembrance of Ancient Blood 06:35  
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5. Cursed and Damned in the Mist of the Woods 05:24  
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6. Scheinbare Erlösung 11:19   instrumental
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Pagan Warrior Guitars, Bass
Grim Guitars, Vocals
Abbadon Drums
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