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Release date:
Warner Bros. Records
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1. Polarity 06:04  
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2. Destination 04:25  
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3. Give It Up 02:32  
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4. En la Linea de Fuego 01:16  
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5. In the Line of Fire 04:48  
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6. Helloïse 04:31  
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7. See Tomorrow 03:30  
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8. Pool of Confusion 03:37  
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9. So Close to Love 04:37  
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10. Sole Survivor 03:54  
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Marshell Remeeus Bass
Ernst van Ee Drums
Ben Blaauw Guitars
Arjan Boogerds Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Stan Verbraak Vocals
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Reissued on Psuedonym and Avalon, each in 1998, and each contaning different bonus tracks.

11. Mystery Eyes
12. Polarity (demo version)
13. In the Line of Fire (demo version)
14. Slow Down (Give It Up)
15. Sole Survivor (demo version)
16. Helloïse (demo version)
17. So Close to Love (demo version)

11. Mystery Eyes (b-side)
12. Rock Unites (demo)
13. Danger Games (demo)
14. Slow Down (Give It Up) (demo)
15. Polarity (demo)
16. In the Line of Fire (demo)
17. Somebody (demo)
18. Wanted by the FBI (demo)
19. Don't Talk to Me (demo)
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