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You're Not Welcome Here


Release date:
July 17th, 2011
Catalog ID:
Maniacal Records
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1. Hellion  
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2. Can’t Close Your Eyes  
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3. You’re Not Welcome Here  
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4. The Way To Go  
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5. Morbid Fascination  
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6. Living In A Sewer  
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7. Lip Service  
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8. Monolith  
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9. Stop Living In Fear  
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10. Love Lust  
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11. Death Masters  
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12. Bloody Murder  
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12" vinyl format limited to 300 copies and comes with a bonus 7".

It will contain the 1982 "You're Not Welcome Here" demo recorded in Gizmo studios in Mclean Virginia in the fall 1982.
The bonus 7" which will be the tracks "Death Masters" and "Bloody Murder", which were recorded earlier than the 82 demo.

SIde A: Tracks 1-5
Side B: Tracks 6-10

7" "Death Masters" 45 rpm vinyl:
SIde A: Track 11
Side B: Track 12

For this LP release , 2 tracks had to be omitted from the original sessions: “No Recourse” and “Profits of Doom” . These tracks will hopefully be included in the CD version of this release . On the actual original “You’re Not Welcome Here” tape that was released, neither “Death Masters” nor “Bloody Murder” were included, , nor was “Profits of Doom”. ”No recourse” had to be omitted from this vinyl version, due to time constraints.

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