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Affirmation of All Inhuman Process


Release date:
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1. Evoking the Demons of Abomination & Contempt  
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2. Dekoronacja Świętej Kurwy   Show lyrics
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3. Humanity's Mass-Grave   Show lyrics
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4. Crawl Through the Paths of Pain into the Gates of Suicidal Hell  
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5. Ubersatanic Dance over Raped & Burned Territory  
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6. Decoronation of the Holy Whore  
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Kacper Bass
Voodz Drums
Shymon Guitars
Nekron Guitars
Hajneken Guitars
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Mixed & mastered by Hellfist and Wojciech "Poland" Cenajek.

Track 6 is actually track 2 with alternate, English lyrics.
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