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Canonisation of the Foul Spirit

Hell Militia

Release date:
April 7th, 2005
Total Holocaust Records
4 reviews (avg. 61%)
1. Burning Human Pigs 04:10  
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2. Torture of the Saints 04:14  
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3. Black Arts of Crime 03:51  
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4. Prophecy from the Mutilated Children 04:18  
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5. Dead Children's Choir 04:09  
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6. Black Fucking Cancer 04:10  
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7. Blood from the Pig 04:40  
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8. Goathrone 03:32  
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9. Ritual 03:40  
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10. Years Ago (Alice Cooper cover) 03:34   Show lyrics
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Hellsukkubus (R.I.P. 2013) Bass
Dave Terror Drums
Arkdaemon Guitars
T. Persecutor Guitars
Meyhnach Vocals
Read Underwhelming 50% LordBelketraya November 13th, 2006
Read I'm bored of such simplicity 57% vorth June 28th, 2006
Read Nothing speciall at all... 45% nugsoth November 19th, 2005
Read The Torch Is Finally Passed! 93% Visionary July 30th, 2005
Artwork by T. Persecutor.

CD released in 2005 by Total Holocaust Records(L) with cardboard slipcase, limited to 2000 copies.

MC released in 2005 by Satanic Propaganda Records, limitation unknown.

LP released in 2007 by Blasphemous Underground.Productions(R) with a 24-page booklet, limited to 666 copies.

Years Ago is actualy the first half of Alice Cooper's song.
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