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Heatenic Noiz Architect > Already a Legend
Heatenic Noiz Architect - Already a Legend
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Already a Legend

Heatenic Noiz Architect

Release date:
November 1st, 2007
Catalog ID:
Deformeathing Production
None yet
1. Visible but Unseen City 01:28  
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2. Gygesa 03:45   Show lyrics
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3. Permanent Wish of Elapse 02:30   Show lyrics
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4. Limbo Station 00:39  
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5. Love Unflattering the World 04:06   Show lyrics
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6. Answer the Phone 00:10  
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7. With Heart Goes Pit-a-Pat 03:17   Show lyrics
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8. Yellow Light Means to Slow Down Not to Speed Up 03:16   Show lyrics
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9. Via Oslo, via Goteborg 02:25   Show lyrics
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10. Master Was Fishing with a Net 04:19   Show lyrics
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11. Wither 01:33  
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12. Birth for Heaven 04:50   Show lyrics
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Luk Bass
Czarli Guitars
Boroova Guitars, Vocals
Ɓukasz Urbanek Drums
Krzysztof Patyk Vocals
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Recorded at Chinook Studio (Debica).

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