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Have Mercy > Mass Destruction
Have Mercy - Mass Destruction
Have Mercy discography (demos)
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Demo 1987
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Mass Destruction

Have Mercy

Release date:
May 1985
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. An Introit of Evil 07:20   Show lyrics
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2. Mass Destruction 04:07   Show lyrics
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3. City of Doom 05:28   Show lyrics
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4. Holy Dismissal 05:48   Show lyrics
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5. The Omen 04:15   Show lyrics
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Interesting info: This was probably the most legendary and important Have Mercy demo – it was big hit in the underground world and it received a lot of attention from fans and fanzines. All this resulted in participation on the famous compilation Metal Massacre (Vol. 7). The song that made it there was "The Omen".

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