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Hate Forest - Nietzscheism
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Hate Forest

Release date:
October 15th, 2005
Catalog ID:
Supernal Music
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1. Carl Orff - Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi 05:38  
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2. Annihilation 03:27  
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3. The Wood Brothers 04:42  
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4. Scythia 07:05  
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5. Shining Abyss 04:25  
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6. Aryosophia 06:55  
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7. Nietzscheism 07:13  
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8. Black God 06:26  
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9. Burning Churches 04:30  
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Miscellaneous staff
Sir Gorgoroth Design
Sir Gorgoroth Design
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EPs compilation from Hate Forest. Issued on Friedrich Nietzsche's birthday and features material from the following releases:
- "Darkness" 7-inch EP
(Miriquidi Productions, 2000)
- "Blood and Fire" 7-inch EP
(Sombre Records, 2001)
- "Ritual" 7-inch EP
(Miriquidi Productions, 2002)
- "Resistance" 7-inch EP
(Ledo Takas Records, 2004)

DLP released by Primitive Reaction in noble gatefold covers with 6mm spine. This version also contains "To Those Who Came Before Us" from "Tormenting Legends I" compilation LP.

Re-released by Osmose Productions in 2013 as a digipak CD with new artwork.

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