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Happy Days > Alone and Cold
Happy Days - Alone and Cold
Happy Days discography (demos)
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Drowning in Negativity
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Drowning in Negativity

Alone and Cold

Happy Days

Release date:
April 2007
Catalog ID:
4 reviews (avg. 38%)
Side A
1. Alone and Cold 08:51   Show lyrics
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2. End All Happiness 10:46   Show lyrics
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3. Endless Suffering 10:00   Show lyrics
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A. Morbid Vocals, Guitars, Drum programming
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Recording information:

This demo and the previous demo A World of Pain were recorded in the same month, but released at separate times.

All the songs were recorded by A. Morbid on a Toys R Us karaoke machine at the age of 17 years old.

The song "Alone and Cold" was re-recorded for the album Cause of Death: Life.

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