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Happy Days > A World of Pain
Happy Days - A World of Pain
Happy Days discography (demos)
Alone and Cold
Happy Days discography (all)
Alone and Cold

A World of Pain

Happy Days

Release date:
March 2007
Catalog ID:
5 reviews (avg. 18%)
1. Introduksjon og d√łende 06:12   instrumental
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2. Welcome (To a World of Pain) 08:19   Show lyrics
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3. Lidende 06:19   Show lyrics
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4. No Point in Living... 06:12   Show lyrics
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5. Dens nettop begonia 07:17   Show lyrics
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A. Morbid Vocals, Guitars, Drum programming
Read Pretty bad 11% BlackMetal213 May 24th, 2015
Read I was put into a world of... 6% EschatonOmega June 3rd, 2014
Read Humble Origins 3% Nokturnal_Wrath October 9th, 2013
Read Kiddie black metal 37% GuardAwakening January 30th, 2013
Read It's crude, but it gets better 35% Noktorn August 15th, 2007

Recording information:

This demo and the following demo Alone and Cold were recorded in the same month, but released at separate times.

The song "No Point in Living" was re-recorded for the album Cause of Death: Life.

All the songs were recorded by A. Morbid on a Toys R Us karaoke machine at the age of 17 years old.

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