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Pandemonium Diabolico / Hangnail

Hangnail / Pandemonium Diabolico

Release date:
Catalog ID:
Hibachi Records
7" vinyl
None yet
Side A
1. Pandemonium Diabolico - Tori Amos, As Raped By Billy Watson  
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2. Pandemonium Diabolico - I Hope You Get Hit in the Face With a Baseball  
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3. Pandemonium Diabolico - For Those About to Commit Double Homicide/Suicide, We Salute You  
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Side B
4. Hangnail - Terra Defense Force  
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5. Hangnail - Convert  
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6. Hangnail - A Breed Apart  
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7. Hangnail - Life in Hell  
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8. Hangnail - Meat of the Seed  
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9. Hangnail - Dutch Courage  
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Thugbad Vocals
Psycho Baltan Bass
Zeiger Drums
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The track "Tori Amos, As Raped By Billy Watson" is split up into 3 parts:
1) The Tie Down
2) Forced Rectal-Chute Intrusion
3) Grandma Amos Screams, because Her Granddaughter Now Has No Eyeballs.

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