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Corridors of Time


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Angular Records
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1. A Summer Air 06:53   Show lyrics
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2. For Kristina 03:07   instrumental
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3. Sundown 03:08   Show lyrics
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4. Mother Nature 04:13   Show lyrics
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5. Questions 04:53   Show lyrics
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6. The Northwinds Blow 04:48   Show lyrics
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7. Mountain Song 03:00   instrumental
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8. Nobody's Listening 03:27   Show lyrics
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9. Sweet Tender Sofie 02:41   Show lyrics
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10. For Ulf 03:50   instrumental
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11. June 04:56   Show lyrics
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12. Afraid 05:03   Show lyrics
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13. Remember 05:02   Show lyrics
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14. Dragonfly Dance 04:07   instrumental
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Hans Rosén Bass, Vocals (backing)
Patrik Jansson Drums, Percussion, Vocals (backing)
Per Nilsson Guitars
Hans Lundin Hammond organ, Synthesizers, Mellotron
Michael Ohlsson Vocals
Anders Rosin Violin (electric)
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Reissued on CD in 2002 by CD-Maximum (cat. # CDM-0302-809) under the license from Angular Records

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