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Live on Location


Live album
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Rising Sun Productions
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1. The Leaders? 05:07   Show lyrics
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2. King in Exile 04:26   Show lyrics
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3. On to Iliad 03:17   Show lyrics
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4. In the Mean Time 01:23   Show lyrics
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5. Opinionate! 04:19   Show lyrics
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6. Rebel Without a Brain 04:19   Show lyrics
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7. A 01:25   Show lyrics
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8. Rape of Persephone 01:47   Show lyrics
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9. The Cross 05:08   Show lyrics
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10. Face the Fat Reality 03:41   Show lyrics
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11. I Too Eye 03:33   Show lyrics
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12. Aftermath of Betrayal 06:11   Show lyrics
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13. Nightstalker 06:14   Show lyrics
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Ed Fuhrman Guitars
Jimmy Schulman Bass
Alan Tecchio Vocals
Dan Lorenzo Guitars, Backing Vocals
Tom "Agh" Coombs Drums
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Produced by Steve Aprea and Hades.
Recorded by Matthew Kasha and David Mann in April 1991 at Studio One, Newark, N.J.
Executive producer John Hanti.

US and European releases have different tracklist as well as different cover art.

Released in 1992 by Grand Slamm Records (SLAMCD38) with 2 bonus tracks:
14. M.E.S. (Technical Difficulties) 02:55
15. Diplomatic Immunity 02:50

Reissued in 2000 by Crook'd Records (different cover art from both original 1991 covers) with 4 studio bonus tracks:
14. System Addict - His N Hers
15. Non Fiction - Love, Liking, Nothing
16. Hades - $avior$elf
17. Dreams of Venus - Book of Lies

Reissued in 2011 by Cyclone Empire (CYC 072-2) with 6 bonus tracks:
14. Diplomatic Immunity 02:50
15. M.E.S. 02:55
16. Deter My Nation (studio live 1989) 04:56
17. Not A Part Of Your Life (studio live 1989) 04:54
18. Bete' Noir (studio live 1989) 08:12
19. Gamblin' With Your Life (studio live 1989) 02:48

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