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Hávamál > The Raven, The Hammer, The Fight
Hávamál - The Raven, The Hammer, The Fight
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The Hammer Has Fallen
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The Hammer Has Fallen

The Raven, The Hammer, The Fight


Release date:
June 11th, 2011
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Mjöllnir 05:32  
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2. Strings of the Forest's Autumn 08:15  
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3. Eine Abgetane Sache 10:21  
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4. Norse (Demo 01 Version) 02:19  
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5. Germanische Stolz 04:49  
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6. Die letzten Schlachten zwischen Gut und Böse 03:16  
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7. Dunkelheit (Burzum cover) 04:40  
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8. Bödvar Bjarki 01:45  
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9. Raven's Hammer (05 REH) 05:50  
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10. Wuotanvolk (2010 Mix) 02:17  
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11. Shores of the Kings (2010 Mix) 05:35  
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12. Havamal Pt I - III 09:36  
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Compilation of Early Demos and two of the canceled "Saga From The Winds" Songs
All Music from 2001 - 2010 a.y.p.s
Self Released Version limited to 88 Copies with just two sided cover and Pro Cd-R
The Darkest Hour Records version Limited to 100 CD's with full booklet and Pro CD
Vinyl and MC Versions never seen any light and don't plan to
Wolfgeist never really wanted to release this compilation just wanted to give a few copies original 88 he made to his friends, and supporters, but Than the Darkest Hour released there version without Wolfgeist's at the time permission but what was done is done.

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