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Fear No Evil

Grim Reaper

Release date:
May 1985
Catalog ID:
Ebony Records
Vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
8 reviews (avg. 75%)
Side A
1. Fear No Evil 03:59   Show lyrics
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2. Never Coming Back 03:32   Show lyrics
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3. Lord of Darkness (Your Living Hell) 02:59   Show lyrics
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4. Matter of Time 04:14   Show lyrics
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5. Rock and Roll Tonight 04:03   Show lyrics
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Side B
6. Let the Thunder Roar 04:05   Show lyrics
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7. Lay It on the Line 04:08   Show lyrics
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8. Fight for the Last 02:59   Show lyrics
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9. Final Scream 05:28   Show lyrics
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Band members
Steve Grimmett Vocals
Nick Bowcott Guitars
Dave Wanklin Bass
Mark Simon Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Kim Seabourne Cover art
Darryl Johnston Producer, Engineering
Howie Weinberg Mastering
Kim Seabourne Cover art
Darryl Johnston Producer, Engineering
Howie Weinberg Mastering
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A music video was made for the song "Fear No Evil".

Reissued by Collectables in 1998 with See You in Hell on one disc.

Reissued by Spitfire Records in 2003.

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