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Release date:
November 28th, 1992
2 reviews (avg. 65%)
1. Intro 02:26  
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2. The Eyes of Balor 01:22  
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3. Untitled 00:48  
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4. Shadows of Doom 01:56  
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5. The Days of Black Sun 06:05  
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6. The Dawn Battle 03:20  
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7. Untitled 02:31  
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8. Aes Side 01:22  
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9. Intro (Eternal Winter) 01:45  
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10. Drunemeton 06:58  
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11. Untitled 01:02  
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12. Winds of Winter 03:06  
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13. The Forest Nemeton 03:43  
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14. Celtic Sanctuary 03:56  
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Rob Darken All Instruments, Vocals
Read An Ugly Start, part 3 35% CrimsonFloyd March 11th, 2012
Read The Graveland style solidifies 95% mornox August 12th, 2003
Translated from Galatian into English, "Drunemeton" (pronounce drunèmeton) means "Oak Sanctuary".

Original tapes directly from Rob Darken had his stamp on the black back side of the insert.

Re-released in 2007 on CD and in 2008 on LP (with poster) by Forever Plagued Records (FPR016).

Rereleased in 2008 on MC by Night Birds Records (Sunset 61) / Evil Rising Productions (E.R. 007).

Both rereleases fearure bonus track "Children of the Moon" (5:51) from the "Epilogue" demo.

Original cover shown above.
Rerelease cover shown below.
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