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Release date:
June 24th, 2008
Catalog ID:
STF Records
3 reviews (avg. 65%)
1. Nameless Grave 04:35   Show lyrics
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2. Alliance 05:42   Show lyrics
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3. The White Raven 04:56   Show lyrics
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4. Echoes of Wisdom 04:52   Show lyrics
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5. When Good Turns Evil 03:39   Show lyrics
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6. Tranquility's Embrace 03:41   Show lyrics
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7. Mortem Obi 05:47   Show lyrics
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8. In for the Kill 04:01   Show lyrics
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9. Grailquest Gladiators 05:40   Show lyrics
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10. Der König von Thule 05:26   Show lyrics
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Duke of Drumington Drums
Sir Optimus Prime Vocals, Guitars
Mac Death Vocals, Bass
Lord Lightbringer Guitars, Vocals
Read Not going to save the day... 36% Empyreal April 25th, 2010
Read Grailknights - Alliance 80% Radagast January 23rd, 2009
Read This 'Alliance' will never... 80% Lord_Lexy August 5th, 2008

The limited edition digipack comes with a 16-side booklet and very limited patch.

The lyrics to track 10 are the poem "Der König in Thule" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, written in 1774.

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