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Gorgoroth > A Sorcery Written in Blood
Gorgoroth - A Sorcery Written in Blood
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Promo '94
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Promo '94

A Sorcery Written in Blood


Release date:
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Version desc.:
Dubbed tape
6 reviews (avg. 79%)
1. Gathered at BlĂ„kulla (intro) 01:21  
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2. Sexual Bloodgargling 03:54  
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3. (Under) The Pagan Megalith 03:41  
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Hat Vocals
Infernus Guitars
Kjettar Bass
Goatpervertor Drums
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This demo takes its name from the first line of the song "Return of Darkness and Evil" by Bathory.

Pro-sleeve notes, home dubbed tape.

1994 version: different cover, pro-sleeve notes and pro tape, 3 tracks listed + 2 tracks from promo '94.

"Sexual Bloodgargling" is an early version of the song "Ritual", present on Gorgoroth's first album Pentagram.

A 7" vinyl bootleg also exists. However, there are not any official reissues.

Recording information:

Recorded at Blokksberg, April 28, 1993.

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