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The Tide Has Turned

God Forsaken

Release date:
Catalog ID:
CD AR 025
Adipocere Records
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1. November/Forsaking the World 04:17   Show lyrics
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2. Until Death Joins Us Again 04:33   Show lyrics
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3. Jupiter 05:53   instrumental
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4. Astral Voyager 69 04:49   Show lyrics
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5. The Tide Has Turned 07:37   Show lyrics
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6. Nowhere to Be Found 03:14   Show lyrics
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7. Giving It All Away 05:13   Show lyrics
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8. It's All the Same in the End 04:38   Show lyrics
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9. She Dies 03:42   Show lyrics
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10. Goodbye 03:33   Show lyrics
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Band members
Mika Hankaniemi Vocals
Hannu Kujanen Guitars
Juha Köykkä Bass
Juha Pohto Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Petteri Karri Mixing
Petteri Karri Mixing
Read Some albums are forgotten... 40% differer November 24th, 2008

Music and photos by God Forsaken.
CD AR 025.

Recorded at Soundwall Studio Oy on November, 1994.
Mixed by Petteri Karri and God Forsaken during December 94 and January 95.

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