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Goatvomit / Satanic Evil - Goatvomit / Satanic Evil
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Goatvomit / Satanic Evil

Goatvomit / Satanic Evil

Release date:
July 8th, 2011
Catalog ID:
Desacration of God Productions
7" vinyl
None yet
Side A
1. Goatvomit - Demoniacal Iconoclasm (Intro)  
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2. Goatvomit - Drink from the Chalice   Show lyrics
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3. Goatvomit - Defixiones (Outro)  
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4. Satanic Evil - The Curse (Intro)  
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Side B
5. Satanic Evil - Infernal Slaughter  
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6. Satanic Evil - Morbid Sacrifice  
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7. Satanic Evil - Curse of Pentagram  
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Comes with two separate covers(one for each band), 4 inserts and 2 stickers (one for each band) on 100 on clear vinyl, 213 on black vinyl, limited to 313 copies.

Repressed in May 2012 unto orange vinyl with red covers and Goatvomit interview as bonus.

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