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Goatwatchers United - Satans Goats Tribute

Goat Semen / Goat Wrath / Goat Messiah / Goat Vengeance

Release date:
December 2003
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Goatwatchers United
7" vinyl
333 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Goat Messiah - Command for the Witches Sabbath 04:12  
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2. Goat Vengeance - The Goat Vengeance Shine in Our Eyes 03:27  
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Side B
3. Goat Wrath - Final War 04:40  
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4. Goat Semen - Goat Semen (Rehearsal 2000) 02:24   Show lyrics
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Goat Semen
Satyricon Drums
Neyra Vocals
Levifer Guitars
Goat Wrath
Eligos Guitars, Programming, Vocals (backing)
Blasphemytong Vocals, Bass
Goat Messiah
Caller Of The Horns Vocals
Goat Pervertor Guitars, Drums
Goatdevilish Humankiller Bass
Goat Vengeance
Satanic Ocultan Bass
Misteriis Drums
Serpe Guitars
Fiend Vocals
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"GWU I. - Satans Goat Tribute" - The first GWU 7'' EP sampler, comes with a poster.

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