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U ime zla

Goat Evil

Release date:
June 29th, 2009
Catalog ID:
Ugly Cunt
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1. Za Đavola   Show lyrics
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2. Gospodar vječnosti   Show lyrics
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3. U ime zla   Show lyrics
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4. Pogana krv Jehovinih svjedoka   Show lyrics
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5. Lažljivi vođa, neuka gamad   Show lyrics
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6. Nazaretske laži   Show lyrics
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7. Bolest   Show lyrics
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8. Đavolja gozba   Show lyrics
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Vožd Jovan Pogani All instruments, Vocals
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Released on lightscribe CD-R in plastic envelope. limited to 30 copies.
Tape version through Okkult Darkness Records with different cover.

1. For Devil
2. Master of Eternity
3. In the Name of Evil
4. Dirty Blood of Jehovah's Witnesses
5. Untruthful Leader, Ignorant Bastards
6. Nazarene Lies
7. Sickness
8. Devilish Feast

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