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Evige Asatro


Release date:
May 23rd, 2003
Catalog ID:
Ultima Thule Records
2 reviews (avg. 55%)
1. Lindisfarne - 793 01:57   instrumental
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2. Karl den Store 02:41   Show lyrics
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3. Sønner av Norge 02:44   Show lyrics
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4. En stille morgen - 1349 03:22   Show lyrics
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5. Fjellheimen gir meg fred 04:00   Show lyrics
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6. Olav Digre 03:36   Show lyrics
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7. Set Sail to Vinland 01:45   instrumental
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8. Frostriket 04:01   Show lyrics
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9. Evige Asatro 03:24   Show lyrics
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10. Se Norges blomsterdal 02:35   Show lyrics
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11. Om kvelden når det mørkner 03:50   Show lyrics
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12. When Johnny Comes Marching Home 02:12   Show lyrics
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Band members
Trym Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Programmed Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Skrymer Artwork (2004 Reissue)
Trym Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Programmed Drums
Skrymer Artwork (2004 Reissue)
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Read Viking Punk? 84% SnowVixen May 9th, 2004

Remastered & Re-released in 2004 by Karmaggedon Media as a full-length with a new artwork by Skrymer of Finntroll and one newly recorded bonus track. There also were some slight changes on the tracklist:

- Track 7 ("Set Sail to Vinland") was replaced by "Nordmannen" (02:14), a re-naming of the song "Mellom Bakkar og Berg" taken from their debut demo.
- Track 12 ("When Johnny Comes Marching Home") was replaced by "Skumring" (03:01) (taken from the "Mellom Bakkar og Berg" demo)
- Track 13 is "Norges Skaal" (02:55) (Bonus track - recorded in early 2004)

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