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Ginnungagap > Return to Nothing
Ginnungagap - Return to Nothing
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Return to Nothing


Release date:
October 9th, 2004
Misanthropic Agenda
None yet
1. Return to Nothing 20:40  
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2. Nothing to Return 19:30  
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Band members
Stephen O'Malley Guitars, Bass
Gerritt Wittmer Computer, Noise
Tim Wyskida Percussions, Gong, Tympani
Miscellaneous staff
Scott Hudd Mastering
Stephen O'Malley Guitars, Bass
Gerritt Wittmer Computer, Noise
Tim Wyskida Percussions, Gong, Tympani
Scott Hudd Mastering
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The cd was released without jewelcase. Is printed with gold glitter and comes in a plastic envelope inside a doubled folded cardboard printed with the same gold glitter.

Limited in 500 copies numered with stamp.

Info on the carboard:

Live at the Flux Factory; Queens, 10th March 2004.

Line up:
Gerritt - computer
S. O'Malley - guitar
T. Wyskida - gong + tympani

mastering by Scott Hudd/Visceral Sound
premastering & art via SOMA
cover printing by Wes/Burlesque
live photos by Slimm
published by Ideologic Organ (BMI)
thanks to humansacrifice, psi & Morgan/Flux Factory.
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