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Gauntlet's Sword / Stutthof > Into the White Waters of Hellas
Gauntlet's Sword / Stutthof - Into the White Waters of Hellas
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Into the White Waters of Hellas

Gauntlet's Sword / Stutthof

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Avalon Productions
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1. Gauntlet's Sword - Empire 00:57  
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2. Gauntlet's Sword - Doc. Ego Dom. 05:18   Show lyrics
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3. Gauntlet's Sword - They Will Only to Live 04:57   Show lyrics
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4. Gauntlet's Sword - Dominant Portrait of Soul 05:28   Show lyrics
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5. Gauntlet's Sword - Alef(A) (Under a Permanent Sky) 04:03   Show lyrics
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6. Gauntlet's Sword - The Aryan Throne 07:20   Show lyrics
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7. Gauntlet's Sword - For Thousand Years (The Fall) 04:14  
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8. Stutthof - Wenn die SA und die SS 06:39  
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9. Stutthof - Regeneration 03:56  
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10. Stutthof - Aherontas 03:49  
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11. Stutthof - Pagan Rituals 02:57  
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12. Stutthof - Through the Dark Age We Are Dreaming 06:35  
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13. Stutthof - Pa Vikingtog 00:41  
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Gauntlet's Sword
Pain All instruments, Vocals
Aithir Drums, Vocals
Acherontas All instruments, Vocals
Norg Bass
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Released on tape with different cover by Ancient Nation Productions in 2003.

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