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Gargoyle > 虹融合
Gargoyle - 虹融合
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Release date:
July 15th, 2012
Catalog ID:
First Cell
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1. 虹融合 04:09   Show lyrics
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2. Execute 04:06   Show lyrics
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3. ときめき 03:16   Show lyrics
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4. 風の街 06:46   Show lyrics
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5. 人形の森 05:21   Show lyrics
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6. " ぎ " 04:02   Show lyrics
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7. 偶然と必然の途中 04:11   Show lyrics
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8. マネキン・虫喰い・クーデター・石ころ 03:32   Show lyrics
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9. 脳内自殺 03:25   Show lyrics
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10. 真王 04:27   Show lyrics
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11. 死に至る傷 05:23   Show lyrics
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Toshiyuki "Toshi" Sueyoshi Bass, Vocals (backing)
Kazuhisa "Kiba" Tochihara Vocals, Lyrics
Katsuji Drums, Vocals (backing), Percussion
Kentaro Yokota Guitars, Vocals (backing)
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Additional Musicians:
Female Chorus - Shaira (Ethnic Legist), Kinako

Track title transliterations:
1. Niji Yuugou
3. Tokimeki
4. Kaze No Machi
5. Ningyou No Mori
6. "Gi"
7. Guuzen To Hitsuzen No Tochuu
8. Mannequin, Mushikui, Coup d'etat, Ishikoro
9. Nounai Jisatsu
10. Shin Ou
11. Shi Ni Itaru Kizu

Track title translations:
1. Rainbow Fusion
3. Heartbeat
4. The City of Wind
5. Forest of Dolls
7. In the Middle of Chance and Certainty
8. Mannequins, Worm-Eaten, Coups d'états, Stones
9. Suicide in the Brain
10. The True King
11. Fatal Flaw

Commemorative 25th anniversary album of previously released Gargoyle songs, all re-recorded, some re-written, some with new lyrics.

Track 1 is a medley of previous Gargoyle songs.

The title "虹融合" (Niji Yuugou, "Rainbow Fusion") is a play on the Japanese word for 25 (二十五, Ni-Juu-Go), which sounds similar.

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