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390 B.C. – The Glorious Dawn

Furor Gallico

Release date:
December 2008
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1. The Gods Have Returned 04:03   Show lyrics
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2. La Caccia Morta 04:54   Show lyrics
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3. Cathubodva 06:25   Show lyrics
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4. Medhelan 06:28   Show lyrics
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Oldhan Guitar
Stefano Guitar, Backing Vocals
Laura Violin
Pagan Vocals
Maurizio Bouzouki, Tin Whistle, Low Whistle
Marco Drums
Becky Celtic Harp
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English translations:
2. The Dead Hunt
3. Cathubodva [a Gaulish goddess]

In 390 b.C. the battle of the Allia was fought in Central Italy between the Gauls and the Romans. The Romans' defeat let the Gauls leaded by Brennus sack Rome.
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