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Funeral Fornication > Solitude and Suicide
Funeral Fornication - Solitude and Suicide
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Uruk-Hai / Funeral Fornication

Solitude and Suicide

Funeral Fornication

Release date:
June 18th, 2009
Catalog ID:
Hypnotic Dirge Records
1 review (avg. 69%)
1. Mother of Peril 04:31   Show lyrics
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2. The Weeping Tree 05:55   Show lyrics
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3. Veils of Ice That Impersonate Mirrors 06:16   Show lyrics
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4. Channeling Volatile Energy 06:28   Show lyrics
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5. You Must Admit, the Sun Is Dying 04:51   Show lyrics
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6. Beneath the Oak 05:30   Show lyrics
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7. Beauty Is Derelict in Mine Eyes 04:41   Show lyrics
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8. Let Never a Flower Adorn My Grave 13:11   Show lyrics
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Vultyrous All instruments
Read Solitude and Suicide 69% hypnoticdirgerecords November 12th, 2009

This released marked a change of style for Funeral Fornication and this is their first Depressive Black metal album as well as their first release on Hypnotic Dirge Records

Re-released on tape by Wulfrune Worxxx.

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