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She's Hot!

Fuck the Facts / Ultrapodre

Release date:
March 3rd, 2003
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
War Productions
500 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Fuck the Facts - Needle Through Thread  
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2. Fuck the Facts - Disease in Friction  
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3. Fuck the Facts - Ninja Sweater (demo version)  
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4. Fuck the Facts - Sissy Master  
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5. Fuck the Facts - The Meat People  
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6. Fuck the Facts - Slave  
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Side B
7. Ultrapodre - Intro: Mutant Rage Against Mediocrity / The Museum of Decapitated Penis 01:18  
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8. Ultrapodre - Dragqueen Cadaver 02:15  
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9. Ultrapodre - Disco Fellatio 01:12  
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10. Ultrapodre - Lugubrious Vision of an Exposed Fracture Caused by Uncontrolled Attempts at Triple Penetration 01:10  
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11. Ultrapodre - Mortal Incisions in the Testicles 00:55  
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12. Ultrapodre - Disgrace to the Corpse of John Holmes 01:05  
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13. Ultrapodre - Sulphurcumshot 00:57  
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14. Ultrapodre - Tong Po's Tantric Manifesto (Shangri-La Grindcore Express) 01:20  
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15. Ultrapodre - Morgue Jerkoff Holocaust 00:40  
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16. Ultrapodre - Erectile Disorders 01:10  
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17. Ultrapodre - Anthem to the Lobotomized Ejaculator 01:37  
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Fuck the Facts
Topon Das All instruments, Vocals
Asmodeus Guitars, Drum programming
The Beyonder Bass, Vocals
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Hand numbered copies.

Recording information:

Fuck the Facts:
Track 1 taken from the compilation "Anomalous Silencer #5".
Track 2 taken from the compilation "Worldwide Violence".
Track 3 is previously unreleased.
Track 4 taken from the compilation "Ancient Ceremonies Vol. 3".
Track 5 taken from the compilation "Oskorei Vol. 5".
Track 6 taken from the compilation "Ancient Ceremonies Vol. 2".

Recorded between 2000 and 2001 at Vieiraroom Moshpit Studios in Amora, Portugal.

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