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Fuck the Facts

Fuck the Facts

Release date:
Dedfuk Records
None yet
1. Getting Paid for It 01:31  
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2. They Lie 02:43  
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3. Turntables 03:04  
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4. All Gone 03:53  
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5. Snitchas 10:00  
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6. Scratching the Surface 01:48  
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7. Give Up 07:01  
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8. Strapped for Love 06:35  
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9. Destined for Disaster 04:13  
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10. Angry Ron 03:07  
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11. Released 00:27  
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12. He Won't Leave Alive 02:10  
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13. Destructive Relationship 00:56  
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14. Deal with It 01:30  
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15. Revenge Tactics 02:36  
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16. Lack of Imagination 01:35  
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17. Living on Your Knees 00:35  
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18. Skull Drudgery 01:46  
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19. Power Trip 00:16  
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20. Struggle to Escape 03:46  
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Topon Das All Instruments, Vocals
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A chronological ordered compilation of almost every Fuck The Facts song up to this point, spanning recordings from 1997 on up to 1999.

Only ever released on tape.

All tracks recorded @ Sliding Into Hell on four tracks studio.

Tracks A1-A4 recorded September 1999.
Track A5 recorded August 1999.
Tracks A6-A7 recorded June 1999.
Track B1 recorded May 1999.
Tracks B2-B5 recorded April 1999.
Track B6 recorded January 1999.
Track B7 recorded December 1998.
Track B8 recorded November 1998.
Tracks B9-B13 recorded January 1997.

"Snitchas" originally released on The Tyranny of Noise (Violet Produkt).
"Deal With It" originally released on Be Prepared to Lose everything (Dedfuk Records).
Revenge Tactics" originally released on Same Shit Another Name Vol. 1 (Scrotum Records).
"Skull Drudgery" originally released on The Only Good Human Being Is A Dead One (Dedfuk Records).
"Struggle To Escape" originally released on Malignant Defecation Vol. 2 (Abhorrent Creation Tapes).
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