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Fragile Hollow > Fragile Prologue
Fragile Hollow - Fragile Prologue
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Effete Mind
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Effete Mind

Fragile Prologue

Fragile Hollow

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Irond Records
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1. I Don't Believe in Love 05:00   Show lyrics
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2. Are We Through ? 03:45   Show lyrics
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3. I Kiss and Let You Die 06:58   Show lyrics
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4. Broken Promise 05:07   Show lyrics
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5. Now I Die 05:22   Show lyrics
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6. As I Prove You My Lies 03:59   Show lyrics
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7. Gone 04:52   Show lyrics
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8. Miles Away 05:52   Show lyrics
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9. Death Becomes You 04:51   Show lyrics
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10. Is Lust What We Are ? 02:54   Show lyrics
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11. I Tried 04:01   Show lyrics
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R.I.P. Prophet 1997 - 2001... As Prophet decided to change its name to FragileHollow and people was interested in old releases, IROND RECORDS decided to release our recent releases in same cd. This special license cd contains our latest mcds Broken Promise, Death Becomes You & Miles Away and lasts over 50 minutes. As a bonus there is enhanced booklet with Miles Away lyrics that are previously unreleased. Also bands history with obituary is presented in two pages. The print is professional. If you havent got the old releases this is the best choise for you.

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