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World of Wisdom


Release date:
Ancient Nation Productions
1 review (avg. 77%)
1. World of Wisdom 08:46   Show lyrics
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2. Impact of Gods 05:32   Show lyrics
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3. Сын Своей Родины (Fatherland Son) 06:37   Show lyrics
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4. Объявление Войны (War Declaration) 06:25  
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5. The End Is Closer 10:27   Show lyrics
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Wind All instruments
Read Very nice 77% BurntOffering January 28th, 2007
Tape limited to 500 copies.

Hidden bonus tracks:
6. Dunkelheit (Burzum cover)
7. One Rode To Asa Bay (Bathory cover)

Recorded in November/December 2004.
Bonus tracks were recorded in June/July 2005.

Re-released in 2006 on CD limited to 1000 copies by Ancient Nation.
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