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Foeticide > War, Domain & Torment
Foeticide - War, Domain & Torment
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Embrace of Death
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Embrace of Death

War, Domain & Torment


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Sempiternal Productions
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1. Armed Assault 04:57  
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2. The Silence Never More Came Back 04:15  
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3. Where Death Resides 03:46  
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4. Of Pain and Chemical Death 04:03  
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5. Iron Blood (World Domain of Thunder) 04:17  
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6. The Night of Damnation 04:47  
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7. Flames from a Lost Battle 04:43  
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8. The Bloody Side of a Final Chapter 04:16  
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9. Perpetual State of War 04:04  
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10. The Strength 04:12  
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11. Foetal Necropsy 03:16  
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12. Nightmares of Dreams 01:46   Show lyrics
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Band members
Miguel Angeles All Guitars, Bass
Ivan "Bloodhunter" Vocals
Edgardo González Vocals
Martín Martínez Drums
Aldo Flores Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Miguel Angeles Recording, Mixing, Mastering
Miguel Angeles Recording, Mixing, Mastering
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This CD has the participation of invited several musicians, belonging to bands like CENOTAPH, DEW OF NOTHING, ZAMAK, mark the official return of Foeticide to the stages of the scene death metal in Mexico.

Tracks 11-12 are bonus tracks ("Foetal Necropsy" previously appears on "Life and Death", Demo, 1994; "Nightmares of Dreams" appears on pre-Foetus band's Impure Surgery "Nightmares of Dreams", demo, 1990)

Recording information:

Recorded, mixed and mastered at M.A.T. Studio by Miguel Angeles

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