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War of Words - The Film


Release date:
November 20th, 2007
Catalog ID:
Metal God Records
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1. Fight Documentary  
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2. Footage from 93/94 Nailed to the Road / War of Words World Tour  
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Read Not worthy of the legacy of... 35% Evoken January 15th, 2008

"Fight War Of Words - The Film" brilliantly documents a key moment in heavy metal history weaving behind-the-scenes, hand-held and pro-shot footage of rehearsals, demo recordings , studio sessions and interviews climaxing with a full-length concert filmed at 18 venues in 15 select cities during FIGHT's first five months of the 1993/'94 "Nailed To The Road / War Of Words World Tour".

Includes bonus audio:

Live in Paris, France October 30, 1993:
01. Nailed To The Gun
02. Into The Pit
03. Little Crazy
04. Immortal Sin
05. War Of Words
06. Light Comes Out Of Black
07. Laid To Rest
08. For All Eternity
09. Contortion
10. Life In Black
11. Kill It
12. Vicious
13. Reality, A New Beginning

War of Words, Remixed/Remastered:
01. Into The Pit
02. Nailed To The Gun
03. Life In Black
04. Immortal Sin
05. War Of Words
06. Laid To Rest
07. For All Eternity
08. Little Crazy
09. Contortion
10. Kill It
11. Vicious
12. Reality, A New Beginning

Bonus track for Japan:
13. Forbidden

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