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Scraping the Barrel / The Walking Dead Invasion

Cuntscrape / Fecalizer

Release date:
July 31st, 2012
Catalog ID:
Prime Cuts Music
None yet
1. Cuntscrape - Fishing for String  
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2. Cuntscrape - She's a Mudshark  
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3. Cuntscrape - With Pants Wide Open  
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4. Cuntscrape - Gynaseum of Vaginal Disease  
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5. Cuntscrape - Viva la muerte  
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6. Cuntscrape - Grotesque Laceration of Mortified Flesh  
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7. Cuntscrape - 1000 Cigarettes  
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8. Fecalizer - The Walking Dead Invasion   Show lyrics
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9. Fecalizer - Open the Fucking Graves   Show lyrics
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10. Fecalizer - Grind Blessing   Show lyrics
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11. Fecalizer - Living Dead Dominion   Show lyrics
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12. Fecalizer - Rancid Smell of Death   Show lyrics
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13. Fecalizer - Condemned to Extinction   Show lyrics
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